Johnson Matthey joins CMA

Johnson Matthey joins CMA

JM will bring its deep expertise to help inform critical minerals policy development

  • By ICN Bureau | October 11, 2023

Johnson Matthey has joined the UK’s Critical Mineral Association (CMA), a leading organisation that connects the critical minerals industry with the UK Government.

As the world’s largest recycler of platinum group metals (PGMs) and a leader in PGM catalytic applications, JM will bring its deep expertise to help inform critical minerals policy development and drive positive change across the critical mineral value chains.

PGMs are industrially extremely powerful and will play a key role in the net zero transition, with applications ranging from hydrogen fuel cells and electrolysers to production of sustainable aviation fuel. And with limited quantities of these critical minerals available, circularity is essential for securing the metal to meet existing and future demand.

JM will leverage its membership of the CMA to educate regulators and other industry leaders about the strategic importance of PGMs and help them navigate the existing PGM supply chain and future landscape. Following publication of the UK Government’s Critical Minerals Strategy, JM will help the government understand the strength of the UK’s position in PGM circularity and the wider network.

Marge Ryan, JM's Industrial PGM Market Research Manager said: “Joining the CMA builds on JM’s foundation of global governmental advisory work in the critical minerals space, including JM representation on the UK Government’s Critical Minerals Taskforce and Critical Minerals Expert Committee, as well as the World Economic Forum’s critical minerals working group.”

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