LG Chem in Japan to find talent to develop the three new major growth engines

LG Chem in Japan to find talent to develop the three new major growth engines

Shin Hak Cheol, Chief Executive Officer of LG Chem has personally embarked on securing talent for the three major growth engines in Japan

  • By ICN Bureau | June 05, 2023

LG Chem said that CEO Shin Hak Cheol, along with key executives such as Kim Sungmin, Executive Vice President/CHO, conducted a ‘BC (Business & Campus) Tour’ held at the InterContinental Tokyo Bay hotel in Japan.

On that day, around 40 doctoral candidates and master's students in science and engineering from seven major universities in Japan, known as a material powerhouse, including the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Kyoto University, were invited to the event. The attendees were a diverse group of professionals in the fields of materials, bio, and machinery specializing in chemistry, polymers, materials, bio, and machinery, all of which are closely related to LG Chem's three new major growth engines of battery materials, green and sustainable materials, and innovative new drugs.

Shin, who directly hosted the event, shared insights into the global business environment facing the Great Reset, and discussed LG Chem's vision for a sustainable future to overcome the challenges it presents.

Shin stated, "LG Chem is driving a portfolio transition from being petroleum-centered to becoming a 'Top Global Science Company." He further revealed, “LG Chem plans to achieve sales of 40 trillion won by 2030 solely from the three new major growth engines of battery materials, eco-friendly materials, and global innovative new drugs.

He also emphasized, "This is by no means an impossible task, and as LG Chem has consistently done throughout its history of over 70 years, we will continue to prove our promises through performance and competence" and "I hope you will become a part of a company that constantly challenges itself and grows like LG Chem, seizing the opportunity to leap forward in an ever-changing industry."

The key executives, including CEO Shin, personally explained the company's vision, R&D status, and other aspects to the attendees. They actively engaged in direct communication with the talent to develop a sense of connection by visiting each table where they were seated and answering their questions, demonstrating their commitment to talent discovery and recruitment efforts.

Meanwhile, LG Chem plans to to increase the revenue share from the three major growth engine fields of battery materials, eco-friendly sustainability business, and global innovative drugs from 21% (6.6 trillion won) in 2022 to 57% (40 trillion won) by 2030.

The ‘BC (Business & Campus) Tour’ is LG Chem's leading global talent acquisition activity, in which key executives directly communicate with outstanding local talents and even conduct on-site interviews, and it is conducted in conjunction with the CEO's overseas business trips.

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