Thermax repositions itself as an energy transition partner

Thermax repositions itself as an energy transition partner

Thermax aims to establish strong and trusted partnerships with its customers

  • By ICN Bureau | June 20, 2023

Leading energy and environment solutions provider Thermax has repositioned itself as a 'trusted partner in energy transition'. Building on its remarkable history of supporting customers with its deep domain expertise in the energy and climate space, Thermax is strengthening its efforts to create a sustainable future with rapid innovations, a solutions-driven engineering approach, and a digital-first mindset.

In line with its repositioning, Thermax will continue to bolster its manufacturing capabilities, forge technology partnerships, and make investments in areas like biomass conversion (bio-CNG/gasification), waste to energy, waste heat utilisation, industrial cooling, refrigeration, and a wide range of renewable capabilities including solar, wind, storage battery, and hybrid solutions. Recognising the immense potential of hydrogen in enabling a greener energy landscape, Thermax is also committed to offering forward-looking solutions in this domain.

With these newer capabilities being added to the portfolio and realising that success is all about collaboration, Thermax aims to establish strong and trusted partnerships with its customers.

Ashish Bhandari, Managing Director and CEO, Thermax Limited, reiterating the company's core message, said, "Thermax's new positioning as a trusted partner in energy transition is fueled by the belief that a coordinated response to climate change will require Thermax to work closely with its customers to enable accelerated industrial decarbonisation. Thermax is prioritising its customers' distinct energy and environment requirements to provide them with bespoke solutions that drive resource productivity, improve operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. We are dedicated to innovating solutions for bridging the gap between energy availability and energy sustainability."

Aligned with this transformative shift, Thermax is all set to play a pivotal role in accelerating the transition towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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