Shell and Verdagy to collaborate on renewable hydrogen projects

Shell and Verdagy to collaborate on renewable hydrogen projects

Shell and Verdagy to collaborate on renewable hydrogen projects

  • By ICN Bureau | April 01, 2024

Shell to endorse Verdagy renewable hydrogen electrolyzers after successful completion of detailed technology, design and safety reviews

Verdagy, a renewable hydrogen electrolysis company announced that Shell provided technical endorsement of Verdagy's eDynamic electrolyzers. This major step qualifies Verdagy as a supplier in its upcoming green hydrogen projects.

Verdagy worked with the Shell team to successfully complete a rigorous HAZOP (safety) review along with a detailed Design and Technology Development Review of Verdagy's electrolyzers, as necessary and important steps to commercial adoption within Shell.

"Verdagy has developed and commercialized dynamic and cost-competitive electrolyzers for infrastructure-scale projects," said Andrew Beard, Vice President of Hydrogen, Shell. "We're excited with the outcomes of our evaluations and are enthusiastic to continue working with Verdagy in the near future."

Shell conducted Technical Feasibility and Technology Development Reviews for Verdagy's 20 megawatt (MW) eDynamic Electrolysis system, which included in-depth diligence of electrolyzer operation, performance, stability and safety.  Verdagy uses the 20 MW electrolyzer as a building block for infrastructure-scale, (100 MW and larger) renewable hydrogen installations.

"The Verdagy and Shell teams are excited by the successful completion of this year-long collaboration, and I look forward to the uptake of Verdagy's advanced electrolyzers by the industry following Shell's technology endorsement." said Marty Neese, CEO, Verdagy.

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