NextGen 2024 to discuss “Advances in Petrochemical Refining for Improving Efficiencies” on July 12

NextGen 2024 to discuss “Advances in Petrochemical Refining for Improving Efficiencies” on July 12

Vipul Kumar Maheshwari, HPCL, Gaurang Mishra, Centre for High Technology, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dr. Pravesh Kumar, IOCL

  • By ICN Bureau | July 08, 2024

Speakers for Achieving US $2 Tn by 2040 Session during the 4th Edition of NextGen Chemicals & Petrochemicals Summit organised by Indian Chemical News, India's No. 1 news portal on Chemical, Petrochemical and Energy are: Vipul Kumar Maheshwari, Executive Director - R&D, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.; Gaurang Mishra, Joint Director, Centre for High Technology, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas; Dr. Pravesh Kumar, Deputy General Manager, IOCL; and Murari Mohan Jha, Editor, Indian Chemical News. The moderator of the session is Pravin Prashant, Executive Editor, Indian Chemical News. 

Indian Chemical News is organising a panel discussion on “Advances in Petrochemical Refining for Improving Efficiencies” during ‘NextGen Chemicals & Petrochemicals Summit 2024’ on July 11, 2024.

The 4th Edition of NextGen Chemicals & Petrochemicals Summit 2024 will be held on July 11-12, 2024 at the Novotel Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai. The theme of this year’s Summit-cum-Conference is "Transforming India into a Global Manufacturing Hub.”

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Points to be covered during the session are: Key Discussion Points of the session are: Process Optimization; Energy Integration; Catalytic Advancements; Digitalization and Automation; CO2 Capture and Utilization; Advanced Separation Techniques; and Modular and Flexible Designs.

The changing dynamics of the market are prompting refineries to explore new ways to achieve efficiency. The emerging scenario such as price volatility of raw material, pressure to reduce environmental impacts, lowering refining margins etc. are presenting great challenges to refineries.

Amidst this, the global demand for petrochemicals is surging and is projected to continue to grow at roughly 4% annually, driven by demand for plastic resins, films and fibers. While petrochemicals typically reward producers with higher margins, they also require additional process units and more complex configurations, relative to fuel production. Hence, it becomes imperative for refiners to adopt the processes and technologies to adapt to the changing market condition in order to improve efficiencies.

Refineries have implemented advanced process control techniques to optimize operations. This involves using advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to make adjustments and minimize energy consumption, improve product quality and reduce emissions.

Refineries are implementing energy integration techniques, such as heat recovery systems and cogeneration plants, to maximize the use of waste heat and reduce energy consumption. 

The development of more efficient catalysts has led to better conversion rates and selectivity in various refining processes. Improved catalysts help in reducing reaction times, lowering energy requirements, and increasing product yields. Also, petrochemical refineries are adopting digital technologies and automation to monitor and control their operations more effectively. Refineries are exploring technologies for carbon capture and utilization to focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

These advances are aimed at improving energy efficiency, operational flexibility and environmental performance of petrochemical refineries. By implementing these technologies and practices, refineries can minimize resource consumption, reduce emissions and enhance overall process efficiencies.

The Summit is supported by DCM Shriram Chemicals as principal partner, Somaiya Vidyavihar University as academia partner, Cadmatic as platinum partner and Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board (APEDB), Govt. of Andhra Pradesh as state partner.

Gold partners for NextGen Chemicals & Petrochemicals are: Epsilon Carbon, Forbes Marshall, Gharda Chemicals, Indofil Industries, Ingenero, IPCO, Jaaji Technologies, Moglix, PIP, Port of Antwerp - Bruges, RIECO and Re Sustainability. Associate Partners are: HPCL and Nuberg EPC. Supporting partners are: Aarayaa Advisory Services, Archroma, India Glycols and Tata Steel Special Economic Zone and industry association partners are: ACFI, AMAI, CropLife India, Gujarat Chemical Association and PMFAI.

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