Carbios and Landbell partner to increase circularity of PET waste in first biorecycling plant

Carbios and Landbell partner to increase circularity of PET waste in first biorecycling plant

This partnership will supply 15 kt/year of prepared PET, bringing the supply identified for the first CARBIOS plant to 70%

  • By ICN Bureau | March 01, 2024

Carbios, pioneer in the development and industrialization of biological technologies to reinvent the life cycle of plastics and textiles, and Landbell Group , global operator of more than 40 producer responsibility organizations (OPR ) and leading provider of closed-loop recycling solutions, announce the signing of a Memorandum of Intent for the sourcing, preparation and recycling of post-consumer PET waste using Carbios biorecycling technology in its first commercial factory in Longlaville from 2026.

The partnership will leverage Landbell Group's expertise and network in sourcing PET packaging and textile waste which will be prepared for biorecycling. From 2026, Landbell Group will supply CARBIOS with 15 kt/year of prepared PET, ensuring a regular supply chain for sustainable PET production. These flakes will serve as raw material for CARBIOS' production of food-grade PTA and MEG, which will then be repolymerized into PET.

Through the partnership with Landbell Group in Germany, the call for tenders won from CITEO in France for multi-layer trays and the protocol of intent with Indorama Ventures, Carbios will have found more than 70% of the raw materials necessary to reach capacity of 50 kt/year when its first commercial plant in Longlaville, France, is operating at full capacity.

Through this partnership with CARBIOS, Landbell Group will ensure that problematic PET applications such as multi-layer, colored and opaque trays from packaging waste and polyester textile waste are redirected to recycling. Landbell Group thus strengthens its commitment to the development of innovative recycling solutions to enable a circular economy.

“Carbios secures a significant supply of raw materials for our first commercial factory. We are pleased to make biorecycled PET available to Landbell Group's extensive customer portfolio, helping to bring plastic into the circular economy. Carbios biorecycling technology makes it possible to give value to waste that today has little or no value, thus improving flexibility and competitiveness. By minimizing bottle usage and diversifying raw material sources, we advance sustainability while efficiently responding to market demands. Together, we are forging a future where waste becomes a valuable resource,” said Emmanuel Ladent, Managing Director, Carbios.

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