SIBUR releases 400,000 carbon units in the Russian registry

SIBUR releases 400,000 carbon units in the Russian registry

SIBUR has more than 3.3 million carbon units in its assets

  • By ICN Bureau | June 18, 2024

SIBUR successfully verified the results of the climate project implemented at the SIBUR-Kstovo enterprise. The Russian registry contains about 400 thousand carbon units, equivalent to the volume of reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the implementation of a climate project in production over four years.

For the first time on the Russian market, the release of carbon units is accompanied by full disclosure of documentation on the results of the project and the verification carried out. SIBUR has more than 3.3 million carbon units in its assets.

“The implementation of climate projects by businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase their absorption, as well as the circulation of carbon units, certainly have a positive impact on achieving low-carbon development goals. The Ministry of Economic Development is constantly improving the system of voluntary climate projects and the circulation of carbon units. New rules for the publication of complete project documentation for a climate project, reports from accredited organizations with conclusions based on the results of project validation and verification of its results will help increase the transparency of the carbon market. We are glad that SIBUR was the first to issue carbon units taking into account these requirements,” said Irina Petrunina, Director of the Department of Competition, Energy Efficiency and Environment of the Ministry of Economic Development.

As part of the climate project at SIBUR-Kstovo, software was introduced at the hydrocarbon pyrolysis plant and new gas analyzer sensors were installed, which made it possible to optimize the technological process and reduce the use of steam and fuel gas necessary for its production. Thus, it was possible to achieve increased energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Verification of project results for 2020-2023 in the amount of emissions reduction by 395,068 tons of CO2-eq. was carried out by the body for validation and verification of greenhouse gases of the Innovation Technology Center of Moscow State Technical University named after. N.E. Bauman.

“The Carbon Register pays particular attention to the quality of climate projects registered in the register. In accordance with changes in the rules for maintaining the registry, from June 1, 2024, when carbon units are released into circulation, the registry website publishes, among other things, reports on project implementation, reports on verification of the results of the climate project and the conclusion of the verification body. We are pleased to publish the results of the first stage of monitoring the climate project of the SIBUR-Kstovo enterprise,” said Oksana Gogunskaya, General Director of Kontur JSC, operator of the registry of carbon units of the Russian Federation.

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