Agilyx technology enables recycling of previously unrecyclable flame retardant insulation

Agilyx technology enables recycling of previously unrecyclable flame retardant insulation

Flame retardant-laden polystyrene can now be recycled into high purity styrene monomer through Agilyx's advanced recycling process.

  • By ICN Bureau | July 29, 2021

Agilyx Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agilyx AS and a pioneer in the advanced recycling of post-use plastics, announced a significant milestone in their collaboration with a strategic technology partner which will allow for the recycling of brominated flame retardant-laden polystyrene into a high purity styrene monomer for direct use in downstream products including PS, EPS, ABS, SBR, SAN, and Unsaturated Polyester Resins.

The integrated technologies of Agilyx depolymerization open the pathway for previously unrecycled materials, such as construction foam and insulation, to be put back into use as new materials at a quality level equivalent to those manufactured from any other styrene monomer. These materials can then be used for any application from building materials to food containers. 

"This new advancement in our advanced recycling capabilities truly demonstrates the excellence of Agilyx's collaborations," said Tim Stedman, Chief Executive Officer of Agilyx. "The ability to recycle flame retardant-laden polystyrene not only allows this contaminated material to be part of a sustainable recycling value chain, but it will open up new markets that were previously closed due to the contamination associated with these materials. This is an exciting step on our mission to making all plastics circular, even those that are most distressed and contaminated."  

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