PIP offers world class facilities for chemical & petrochemical players

PIP offers world class facilities for chemical & petrochemical players

We are looking for the industries who are readily into developing the land for setting up their facilities.

  • By ICN Bureau | August 27, 2022

Payal Industrial Park (PIP) has started with 500 acres and has effluent discharge as well as other advantages. The company is providing end to end assistance to any industry. It has  in-house experts who will guide them and help liaison with the regulatory authorities on approvals. We provide complete hand holding to them. Excerpts from the interview with Virendra Kumar, Group Marketing Head, Payal Industrial Park :

Which industry is the primary market for you? 

Primarily it is the chemical and petrochemical industries as it will be advantageous for them. While any other industry too can come forward and use the facilities but considering the location and infrastructure in place, it will be more beneficial for them.

What is the purpose of the experience centre set up by the company last year? 

We have created this one of its kind technological advanced experience centre at PCPIR. Apart from that we have also created a physical office space for these industry players who want to come but obviously don‘t have the office facility. In order to help these players function, we have made office arrangements so that their staff would be able to work in a cordial environment. Therefore, we have created both an experience centre and office space. We are also planning to create a resort kind of guest house for their stay before the Phase-I is up and running. We intend to help them in lodging as it would be difficult for them to stay put in the barren land. The idea is to make them feel at ease. 

Which industries are you looking at for the potential on-boarding?

We are looking for the industries who are readily into developing the land for setting up their facilities. We are not interested in the players who would purchase the land and keep it idle without any business purpose. Rather the industries such as chemicals, specialty chemicals, petrochemical and rubber or any related industry that are expanding fast.

Are you planning to provide any support to small and medium players too?

The phasing at the park has been done in such a manner that there will be anchor clients. But we have also earmarked space and kept facilities for small players too because any industrial ecosystem should have a forward and backward integration. You need to plan your park or industry infrastructure in such a way that everyone can co-exist. The large player can’t co-exist without the small players who can provide raw materials and feedstock for the primary industry.  The planning has been done in a manner that we can provide a complete ecosystem.

Are you planning to open more such parks across other locations?

PIP is one of the flagship parks and apart from it we have eight other parks which are already in existence but not operational. With the work happening in this park, going forward there will be development at other places as well.

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