CBD Global Sciences to acquire Pure BioPlastics

CBD Global Sciences to acquire Pure BioPlastics

Pure BioPlastics's CCR technology is feedstock agnostic which is able to process diverse biomass feedstocks into sugars and lignin to produce bioplastic intermediates

  • By ICN Bureau | March 25, 2022
CBD Global Sciences, Inc., dba Global Sciences Inc. announced that it has executed a binding letter of intent with Pure Vision Technology LLC for the acquisition of 100% of Pure BioPlastics Inc. (PBP), a company in Ft. Lupton, Colorado.
With the acquisition of Pure BioPlastics Inc., the Company will create a Bio-Based Technologies Division, run by Ed Lehrburger, who is a PBP founder and a principal of PBP’s parent company, PureVision Technology LLC. This new division will continue advancing solutions to the global environmental issues dealing with plastics.
Pure BioPlastics Inc. was initially established to scale up the CCR technology, to supply bio-based solutions to the destructive global dependence on oil-based plastics with a 100% bio-based pathway to produce plastics. After over 100 years of a petroleum-dominated economy and society, the PBP bio-based technologies are ready to be scaled up to transform readily available non-food biomass into bioplastic products. PBP has demonstrated a paradigm-shifting suite of technologies.  The principal breakthrough is the organization’s patented continuous countercurrent reactor (CCR) technology, where biomass is rapidly converted into pulp, lignin, and sugars. These three raw materials are the starting materials to manufacture reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable plastics.
Different than today’s current generation of bio-based plastics derived from GMO corn starch and other food-based sugars, CCR-derived bioplastics are created from non-food biomass such as hemp and corn stalks, switchgrass, and wheat straw. The CCR technology is feedstock agnostic, able to process diverse biomass feedstocks into sugars and lignin to produce bioplastic intermediates. Unlike mixing hemp fibers or hemp resins into petroleum-based or recycled plastics; the end product of the PBP technologies is 100% bio-based plastic.
The patented CCR technology has been proven at the pilot plant with a 0.5-ton/day (thruput) CCR. The Company plans to finance the scale-up of the processing capability from 0.5 to 8-tons/day within 16-24 months. Ultimately the Company will develop a 60-ton CCR-based biorefinery, with expansion capabilities to launch the bio-based plastics manufacturing division.
Because the bio-based plastic created by the PBP technology is 100% from plant material, the composition of the principal CCR product can be manipulated to control the timeline of the plastic degradation that would support a wide variety of “Designer Biodegradable Products” including straws, lids and plastic parts of automobiles and aircraft.
Brad Wyatt, CEO of Global Sciences, shared, “With continued and successful efforts to grow points of sales, manufacturing, and distribution of CBD products, we are excited to add this technology to our portfolio of industrial hemp products and uses.  It is an inspiring  time for Global  Sciences Inc.,  its shareholders, and the globe! We are focused on all facets of the industrial hemp plant to improve the quality of life and positively impact our environment. I am looking forward to working with Ed and his team on this project!”

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