H.B. Fuller Joins RecyClass

H.B. Fuller Joins RecyClass

RecyClass is a cross-industry initiative that advances plastic packaging recyclability while promoting the traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content in Europe.

  • By ICN Bureau | March 05, 2023

H.B. Fuller Company, a leading global adhesives provider, announced that it has recently joined RecyClass, a comprehensive cross-industry initiative open to companies actively looking to improve the circularity of plastic packaging and to contribute toward harmonization of recyclability and recycled content practices across Europe.

The initiative brings together players from the entire plastics value chain to optimize plastic packaging recyclability and recycled plastic uptake while promoting the traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content in the European region through rigorous scientific testing and certification of innovative materials.

"This is an exciting and challenging period for the packaging industry. Collaboration throughout the supply chain is vital if we are to achieve changes that improve the world for this generation of consumers and the next,” says Elizabeth Staab, H.B. Fuller Global Packaging Sustainability Manager. “Sustainability is a core pillar of our business strategy at H.B. Fuller, and we are joining RecyClass to expand collaboration across the value chain. It is important we continually invest in understanding the full plastic recycling supply chain and its greatest challenges. There are many ways that adhesives can make a positive contribution while encouraging innovation in the sector to advance the industry.”

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