AMAI’s conference on corrosion challenges and advancement in combating materials receives massive response from industry

AMAI’s conference on corrosion challenges and advancement in combating materials receives massive response from industry

The conference is being attended by 200+ delegates from 75+ organizations from all over India

  • By ICN Bureau | March 15, 2024

The Alkali Manufacturers Association of India’s two-day conference-cum-exhibition on “Corrosion Challenges and Advancement in Corrosion Combating Materials” in Ahmedabad received massive response from the industry. The conference witnesses the participation of industry leaders, subject experts, thought leaders,   and professionals from across the cross section of the industry.

According to Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI), the conference is being attended by 200+ delegates from 75+ organizations from all over India.

Delivering his welcome speech, Ajay Virmani, President, AMAI and Managing Director, Lords Chloro Alkali Ltd., said: “As per various studies and estimates, every year, corrosion costs India about 4% of its GDP. The maintenance and replacement of assets affected by corrosion are major deterrents to the growth of our economy. It is also estimated that corrosion leads to losses worth US$ 100 billion annually in India.”

Virmani said that every facet of alkali manufacturing facility is prone to corrosion: be the civil structures, plant and machinery, piping, connections & valves, instrumentation, motors and pumps, electrical installations, storage vessels and containments, power plant, utilities, etc. “Corrosion in each of these areas is unique and generally different from the others. The implications and impacts are also significantly different from each other. In fact, prolonged exposure to moisture is also one of the major causes of corrosion,” he added.

Sharing latest statistics about the industry, AMAI President said that the Indian alkali industry has witnessed healthy growth in recent years. “The compounded annual growth for the last 5 years is around 7% for Caustic and 3% for Soda ash. The industry continues to invest in adding capacities to keep pace with growing demand not only in India but globally. The Caustic Soda capacity in the country is expected to increase from approx. 56 lacs tons per annum to 77 lacs ton per annum in the next 5 years. The Soda Ash capacity is expected to grow to 57 lacs ton per annum from 44 lacs tons in the similar period of 5 years,” he revealed. 

He said that the industry is constantly striving to adopt best manufacturing practices and has an excellent safety record. “Generally, chemical industries are subjected to corrosive influences. In the case of the alkali industry, the major raw material (salt) as well as chemicals the industry produces, that is, caustic soda, chlorine, HCl, sodium hypo, are all highly corrosive,” he added.

He said that in order to understand, evaluate and find solutions to these challenges, AMAI has organised this conference. “Technical conferences with focus on specific challenging areas provide a platform to bring various stakeholders together for information exchange and experience sharing,” he said.

AMAI has put together some important discussion topics in the conference. All six sessions are structured to cover various facets of corrosion, from causes, preventive measures, mitigation and improvisations to advances in materials, treatment and processes, that can reduce, retard or even prevent corrosion and minimise its impact.

Moreover, there is a concurrent mini-exhibition where some of the industry’s partners are sharing their products, services and solutions and interact with participants. Exhibitors at the convention are: CPP, ResistoTech, Tiaano, Gopani, Nuberg EPC, Bellow Seal, Astral Pipes, Geist, SepraTECH, GI, Bertrams, Permionics, HRS and Alleima amongst others.

Delivering the Vote of Thanks, Aditya A. Shriram, Vice President, AMAI and Deputy Managing Director, DCM Shriram Ltd., said that corrosion is a huge challenge not only financially, but in terms of safety as well, especially in the chlor –alkali industry. Shriram welcomed and thanked all speakers, experts, delegates, sponsors, exhibitors and media for their support to the convention. He specially thanked the Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Govt of India for their guidance and logo support to the event.

He appreciated Team AMAI for their tireless efforts for putting the conference-cum-exhibition together.

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