BASF introduces Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide

BASF introduces Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide

A new fungicide innovation for golf course fairways

  • By ICN Bureau | May 28, 2024

BASF is introducing Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide, a dual-active fungicide that delivers broad-spectrum control of 26 cool- and warm-season turf diseases, like snow mold, large patch, brown patch and dollar spot on golf course fairways.

Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide combines the strength of two powerful active ingredients, pyraclostrobin and triticonazole, for long-lasting residual disease control up to 28 days.

“Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide adds to our strong portfolio of fungicides at a value price on fairways when compared to our Honor Intrinsic and Navicon Intrinsic brand fungicides,” said Jeff Vannoy, Senior Product Manager, Turf Solutions for BASF. “We are also equally excited to be entering the snow mold and large patch markets for the very first time and can’t wait for customers to see the outstanding results.”

In addition to providing excellent disease control, Aramax Intrinsic brand fungicide has been approved by the EPA to provide plant health benefits, such as helping to improve turf stress tolerance and help enhance growth efficiency, resulting in healthier playing surfaces all season long.

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