Best Agrolife bags third Patent ‘Warden Extra’ this year

Best Agrolife bags third Patent ‘Warden Extra’ this year

Granted patent for the ultimate soybean seed dressing agent & insecticide ‘Warden Extra’

  • By ICN Bureau | May 26, 2024

Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), the leading manufacturer of specialty and patented agrochemicals in India,  was granted the third patent this year, ‘Warden Extra’, after ‘Shot Down’ and ‘Orisulam’, highlighting the organization’s focus on R&D and innovation in the agrochemical space.

Warden Extra, the latest innovation to receive patent approval, is an unmatched seed dressing agent and insecticide designed specifically for soybean and groundnut crops.  With this recent addition, BAL now holds an impressive portfolio of 10 patents, consolidating its position as a powerhouse of innovation in the agrochemical segment.

India is the world’s second-largest producer, processor and exporter of groundnuts, accounting for nearly 25-30% of global production. Furthermore, India ranks fifth in the world for soybean production. With an estimated annual business potential of approximately Rs 1,200 crores, Warden Extra is poised to significantly enhance productivity, sustainability and prosperity for farmers, Pan-India. Around 75% of its business is expected to come from states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Warden Extra represents a groundbreaking ternary combination, harnessing the synergistic effects of Trifloxystrobin, Thiamethoxam and Thiophanate Methyl to provide comprehensive protection against a broad spectrum of diseases and pests. This powerful formula offers farmers a holistic solution for crop protection, combining systemic, preventive and curative properties to safeguard crops at every stage of growth.

BAL already holds the indigenous manufacturer registration for Warden Extra. The Company has successfully rolled out Warden Extra across India, making it readily accessible to farmers seeking reliable and effective crop protection solutions. Warden Extra has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm from farmers nationwide, with its efficacy and performance earning high praise and commendation.

Besides Warden Extra, Best Agrolife continues to expand its product offerings with innovative solutions such as Shot Down, Nemagen, Orisulam and Tricolor.

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