Covestro's Map Ta Phut site producing Vulkollan completes 1 year

Covestro's Map Ta Phut site producing Vulkollan completes 1 year

Covestro invested in Vulkollan production plants worldwide; ultimate elastomers for very high demanding dynamic applications

  • By ICN Bureau | May 31, 2024

Covestro, a global leader in high-performance materials, is celebrating 1st anniversary since the complete ramping-up for its Map Ta Phut production site in Thailand. The site, together with additional investments like in Barcelona, Spain, is already helping to meet the increasing demand for Vulkollan raw materials globally.

Following its successful production launch, Covestro's Map Ta Phut site has demonstrated exceptional performance and efficiency, cementing Covestro's position as a key player in the industry. In the meantime, customers have received and qualified the products, acknowledging their quality and unique performance.

Beside existing assets, the new plants in Map Ta Phut and also the plant in Barcelona are enabling reliable supply of premium quality Vulkollan raw material to serve existing and new applications. The continuous investment in state-of-the art production capacity is accompanied by new developments: Systems and prepolymer grades to generate value in new applications for Vulkollan.

“With our latest investments in new operating plants in Map Ta Phut and Barcelona on top of existing state-of-the-art assets for Vulkollan raw materials, Covestro is fully equipped to support the growing demand for Vulkollan raw materials globally,” said Thomas Braig, Head of the Business Entity Elastomers at Covestro.

“With meticulous planning and streamlined processes, we are able to ensure an efficient global supply chain, encompassing raw material procurement, stock management, and transportation logistics. Our teams worked hard and ensured that the plants are capable of promptly responding to any request from customers.”

"With the successful ramping up of our Map Ta Phut site, Covestro reaffirms its dedication to fulfilling promises made in November 2022," added Franz-Josef Niemeyer, Site Manager for Covestro at Map Ta Phut, Thailand. "Furthermore, the expertise and the commitment of our team allow us to reach the highest quality level for delivered products, solidifying our position as a reliable partner globally. Our customers can count on Covestro to provide products that enhance performance and durability."

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