Toray develops hybrid bonding insulating resin

Toray develops hybrid bonding insulating resin

This resin helps enhance yields and reliability in high-density semiconductor packaging

  • By ICN Bureau | March 16, 2024

Toray Industries announced that it has developed an insulating resin material for hybrid bonding (micro bonding).

The material is based on Semicofine and Photoneece. These are high-heat-resistant polyimide coatings for semiconductor and display devices. The new material combines a conventional polyimide coating agent with the company’s processing and bonding technologies.

It can enhance the yields and reliability of semiconductor devices in the hybrid bonding process, which entails bonding semiconductor chips with metal electrodes. Toray will push ahead with prototyping and providing samples to customers. It aims to obtain materials certification in 2025 and start mass production by 2028.

In hybrid bonding, the chip-to-wafer technique has attracted considerable attention for high-density packaging of different types of chips. This technique involves processing one wafer substrate to the chip size and bonding it to another wafer substrate. Silicon dioxide and other inorganic materials are usually used as insulating materials for hybrid bonding.

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