Air Liquide invests US$ 200 million to develop production centers in Taiwan and South Korea

Air Liquide invests US$ 200 million to develop production centers in Taiwan and South Korea

Strengthens its leadership with new advanced materials centers across Asia

  • By ICN Bureau | July 22, 2023

Air Liquide announces close to US$ 200 million investments in two advanced material production centers in Taiwan and South Korea, to accelerate the development and manufacturing of new advanced materials while increasing reliability and improving the sustainability of its supply chain by localizing the production close to our semiconductor customers.

These facilities are designed to be in close proximity to strategic customers in order to accelerate innovation through close collaboration, speed to solution, and ability to ramp to full production in a safe, reliable, and high quality manner. Air Liquide’s new advanced materials production facilities will be modular, flexible, and incorporate digital quality control systems able to meet the constantly evolving needs of its customers. The facilities are expected to start production in 2024 and 2025 respectively.

Michael J. Graff, Executive Vice President, Air Liquide Group, said: “We are pleased to further develop our collaboration with key semiconductor leaders, with whom we have been partners for more than 20 years. This investment also testifies of the confidence our electronics customers have in the long term market trend, and in Air Liquide’s capacity to provide innovative and tailor-made solutions in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Buoyed by the digital revolution, Electronics remains a dynamic growth driver which will contribute to Air Liquide’s strategic plan ADVANCE.”

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