BASF increases investment in Chinese Phomera Metamaterials

BASF increases investment in Chinese Phomera Metamaterials

BASF Venture Capital (BVC) has invested in Phomera Metamaterials during its Series A financing round

  • By | May 01, 2024

BASF Venture Capital (BVC) announced that it has invested in Phomera Metamaterials (Phomera) during its Series A financing round, to further promote the development of the photonic crystal metamaterial industry. This investment will be mainly used for capacity expansion, downstream market development, and product upgrades at Phomera.

Established in 2015, Phomera Metamaterials Inc. is a leading research and manufacturing company in the field of photonic crystal metamaterials. Photonics crystal metamaterial is an artificially synthesized material formed by arranging polystyrene (PS), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), or silica microspheres into periodic structures.

"We are very pleased to participate in Phomera's financing round again. BASF, as a leading chemical company in the world, has been fully committed to technology innovation and sustainable development. Material innovation lays the foundation of industrial upgrades and social revolution. By investing in Phomera, we not only contribute to the advancement of cutting-edge technology but also actively support the transition towards a more sustainable future," said Roland Nunheim, Managing Director of BASF Venture Capital.

"We had high expectations for Phomera's unique technological advantages and product innovation capabilities from the start. Following last year's investment, Phomera's innovative offerings have experienced rapid business growth, showcasing its promising market potential. As a result, we are committed to continuing our partnership with Phomera to drive the development of photonic crystal metamaterials", said Qin Han, Head of BASF Venture Capital China team.

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