Dow showcases circular and innovative materials science solutions at Chinaplas 2024

Dow showcases circular and innovative materials science solutions at Chinaplas 2024

Dow, announced two new partnerships at Chinaplas 2024 to develop solutions that meet both performance and circular demands.

  • By ICN Bureau | May 02, 2024

In collaboration with Dow, Sealed Air has commercialized an e-commerce packaging with increased recycled content. With the partnership, both parties will work together to develop more e-commerce packaging using Dow’s REVOLOOP post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins, offering an effective way to protect products while also reducing carbon footprint through less use of virgin plastics.

Dow and Changchun FAWSN Automotive Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd. also announced a new collaboration to explore applications of polyolefin elastomer (POE) artificial leather and POE-based 3D Loop solutions in the automotive industry. POE artificial leather is 25% to 40% lighter in weight than PVC leather and offers performance benefits without the use of hazardous materials.

The announcements were made at Dow’s customer event held alongside Chinaplas 2024, the region’s largest plastics industry tradeshow held in Shanghai from 23 to 26 April. At this event, Dow also showcased its Asia Pacific portfolio of innovative materials science solutions that help enable circularity and low carbon.

“With many local and regional brands going global, Asia has taken centerstage as a dynamic growth hub,” said Bambang Candra, Commercial Vice President for Asia Pacific, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “Our commitment to innovation allows us to meet the evolving needs of customers seeking more sustainable and circular products. No single company can change the industry alone, and we continually drive collaboration with value chain partners to design for recyclability at the beginning of a product’s life cycle so that plastic waste can be transformed into a valuable resource to be reused.”

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