Tata Chemicals facilitates critical cancer aid for low-income patients

Tata Chemicals facilitates critical cancer aid for low-income patients

Tata Chemicals has supported over 200 patients across 10 states in India, giving them access to specialised medical opinion

  • By ICN Bureau | November 11, 2023

Tata Chemicals Limited, a leading sustainable and science-led chemistry solutions company, extended their support to 200 cancer patients from low-income families towards seeking expert medical opinions through Tata Memorial Centre’s online platform, TMC Navya. This initiative enabled the beneficiaries connect with renowned oncologists as part of a larger effort to ensure every cancer patient in India has access to high-quality, evidence-based care.

Alok Chandra, Chief HSE & CSR, Tata Chemicals Limited said, “Social responsibility has long been at the forefront of our priorities and our company stands resolutely committed to aiding those in need. We understand that the battle against cancer can be daunting, particularly for those hailing from low-income backgrounds. Countless individuals travel to various parts of the country for cancer consultation. Not only is this process cumbersome, but it also presents significant economic challenges. Hence, through this initiative, we have endeavoured to make specialised consultations more accessible to individuals who urgently require cancer treatment but are unable to bear the financial burden. The outcomes achieved thus far have been truly heartening, fortifying our resolve to continue and expand our efforts in this undertaking.”

Tata Memorial Centre established TMC Navya as an online arm to scale access to its cancer care expertise, in 2014. TMC Navya became an integral part of the National Cancer Grid (NCG), a consortium of 300 healthcare centres across India, in 2016. NCG, a Government of India initiative, aims at reducing disparities in care standards by promoting evidence-based management guidelines and ensures low-income patients receive the best possible care. In line with this, TMC Navya leverages technology to standardise cancer care across the country for providing cancer treatment that is concordant with evidence-based guidelines.

With Tata Chemicals embracing this cause, an effort has been made to bridge healthcare gender gap by primarily supporting women – 74% women and 26% men. Patients from 10 states in India, with a significant number hailing from the regions of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, were meticulously identified and aided. Patients from Jammu & Kashmir, a region that largely lacks expert medical care, have also benefitted from this effort.

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