Sri Lanka launches National Hydrogen Roadmap

Sri Lanka launches National Hydrogen Roadmap

The National Hydrogen Roadmap is developed in collaboration with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka (PADSL) and Greenstat Hydrogen India

  • By ICN Bureau | September 07, 2023

Sri Lanka is taking a monumental step towards a sustainable future with the unveiling of the National Hydrogen Roadmap which is poised to make a big difference to the country. 

The National Hydrogen Roadmap is developed in collaboration with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka (PADSL) and Greenstat Hydrogen India, a subsidiary of a Norwegian energy company with a focus on green hydrogen. 

Minister Kanchana Wijesekera highlighted how this roadmap addresses crucial socio-economic challenges: Energy Security; Affordability; and Environmental Sustainability. Green hydrogen produced from renewable sources like wind and solar power, emerges as a promising solution for transition to a low-carbon economy.

In a world where over 30 nations are embracing hydrogen strategies, Sri Lanka stands out by recognizing the importance of greener fuels in light of climate goals and volatile fossil fuel prices. The country is harnessing the immense potential of renewable energy, not only with this roadmap but also with the recent launch of the Offshore Wind Roadmap.

"Green Hydrogen is an important aspect Sri Lanka envisions to resolutely pursue. The country’s abundant wind and solar resources substantially outweigh its domestic power requirement, leaving the surplus to be utilized for grid-independent export into this fast-growing industry. I have directed the preparation of an investment framework, comprising international standards by which global capital can be attracted to Sri Lanka, leveraging the country’s strategic location to realize its potential as a true energy hub, while delivering value to all our citizens," said Ranil Wickremesinghe, President, Sri Lanka.

"This document, which outlines key steps required for creating an optimal legal, operational, and commercial environment to attract international investment into the sector, done in collaboration with our green hydrogen technology partner, is a declaration of our national resolve to pursue a path of development that is harmonious with both our local environment and our global commitments," said Kanchana Wijesekera, Minister of Power & Energy, Sri Lanka.

Green hydrogen, produced using renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, offers a potential solution for these hard-to-abate sectors. It holds the promise of significantly contributing to the transition towards a low-carbon economy by serving as a clean, efficient, and versatile energy source.

Sri Lanka Hydrogen Targets 2030

  • 4,000 jobs created
  • 500 mn export revenue from manufacturing of green energy value chain components
  • 1 bn investment into domestic production and utilisation of green hydrogen and associated technologies
  • 10 bn FID for offshore energy production and export
  • 4 GW of offshore wind and hydrogen production infrastructure installed 

As a recognition of the growing requirements to combat climate change, Sri Lanka has revised its NDCs to meet the global expectations and objectives. To achieve these aggressive targets, rapid renewable energy must be deployed as well as advanced technology to manage the associated intermittencies, ensure grid stability and energy independence. Sri Lanka views green hydrogen as the critical enabler of renewable integration and sustainable energy storage.

In addition to domestic decarbonisation, Sri Lanka has the potential to contribute to global decarbonisation efforts by producing green hydrogen from excess renewable energy. The country has an abundance of excess renewable energy, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, and it could use this capacity to produce green hydrogen for domestic use and export.

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