Archroma offers environmental and economic sustainability for mills and brands

Archroma offers environmental and economic sustainability for mills and brands

Archroma launches ONE WAY+ as part of Planet Conscious+, the sustainable ecosystem

  • By ICN Bureau | April 07, 2024

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, launched the ONE WAY+ to help mills and brands adopt best practices for improved productivity and efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

The program is a three-phase process of establishing the baseline, process design and implementation, and ongoing improvement. Tailor-made for selected customers, it draws on the expertise of a curated team of Archroma processing experts and leverages specialist tools and technologies, including Archroma’s ONE WAY Impact Calculator combined with Sustainability Improvement Program.

“Brands and mills face unprecedented pressure, with rising demand for sustainable products and operational challenges related to water and waste management and stringent compliance requirements. By signing up to our ONE WAY+, they will receive expert support to achieve their sustainability targets and comply with relevant regulations and standards at the same time as significantly enhancing the quality, performance and added value of their products,” Anish Paliwal, Market Segment Director, CEL & Blends, WO Casual, Formal & Home Textiles, Archroma Textile Effects, said.

“This approach reflects our ‘Planet Conscious+’ vision of partnership and innovation that helps brands and mills bring their ideas, products and potential to life with a positive impact on their economic and environmental sustainability.”

Mills that adopt Super Systems+ through the ONE WAY+ process can expect enhanced productivity and reduced resource utilization and utilities costs; in addition, also cleaner chemistry and the co-development of new aesthetics and functionalities. Participation in the ONE WAY+ process also indicates to brand partners that mills are committed to remaining sustainable by adopting global best practices and using products that are compliant with current and future regulatory requirements.

Brands that work with Archroma under ONE WAY+ will be supported with a roadmap to their sustainability targets. They will gain a better understanding of the sustainability status of their current suppliers and how this impacts their supply chain. Ultimately, the aim is to optimize efficiencies in the supply chain and connect with suppliers that are able to meet target sustainability commitments.

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