Covestro India kicks off plastic waste collection drive

Covestro India kicks off plastic waste collection drive

India generates close to 26,000 tons of plastic waste per day of which more than 40% of the waste remains uncollected

  • By ICN Bureau | March 15, 2023

Covestro India, leading producer of innovative polymers, recently organized a number of plastic waste collection drive at its sites in India. The plastic waste collection initiative invited Covestro India employees at various site locations to participate and make the drive a success. These locations included:  Kosamdi Lake, Ankleshwar, Gujarat and Surajpur Wetland Area, Greater Noida

India generates close to 26,000 tons of plastic waste per day, of which more than 40% of the waste remains uncollected, landing on sidewalks, near freeways, in rivers and in the ocean. The environmental consequences of such plastic waste have become increasingly apparent. Covestro India, as an integral part of the industry, has designed its CSR intervention activities to prioritize pollution in the marine environment. This is in line with its larger circular economy business model.

The company also strongly believes that collaboration across organizations is needed to develop impactful solutions, hence they have partnered with United Way Mumbai- a non-profit organization working in urban and rural communities across India to identify and implement the most impactful solutions to community problems.

United Way Mumbai collaborated with the company to implement the plastic waste clean-up activity.

Bavanji Vekariya, Site head, Ankleshwar stated “At Covestro India, we believe that sustainable practices are the key to building a better future for our planet. Our focus on circular economy is a vital component of how we approach every aspect of our work. We are committed to driving positive change through our actions… We are grateful to our NGO partner, United Way Mumbai and local NGO Eco Roots Foundation, for collaborating with us on this initiative. We truly believe that together, we can build a more sustainable future and create a world where future generations can thrive.”

Arvind Kumar, Head -  Site Services, said that “We are pleased to collaborate with Eco Roots Foundation, our trusted NGO partner, to carry out this plastic waste clean-up initiative. As a responsible corporate citizen, Covestro India recognizes its role in preserving the environment and is committed to finding sustainable solutions to address the issue of plastic waste. Together with Eco Roots Foundation, we hope to make a significant contribution towards a cleaner and greener India. We believe that by working in tandem with like-minded organizations, we can create a more sustainable future for our communities.”

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