MAIRE's 2022 Sustainability report focuses improvement in sustainability ratings

MAIRE's 2022 Sustainability report focuses improvement in sustainability ratings

E adopted a carbon neutrality plan by 2030 for Scope 1 & 2 emissions

  • By ICN Bureau | May 05, 2023

MAIRE has highlighted significant progress towards achieving the main goals on its sustainability path in its 2022 Sustainability Report. As a result of this progress, the company’s sustainability ratings have improved in 2022 from A to AA for Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI); from Silver to Gold for EcoVadis; from 51.2 to 62.2/100 for Bloomberg ESG Disclosure Scores.

MAIRE adopted a carbon neutrality plan by 2030 for Scope 1 & 2 emissions; grew its portfolio of technologies that help clients with the energy transition and improve circularity, and a portfolio of 2,041 patents and 4 innovation centers; achieved a ESG screening on a number of suppliers that covers over 66% of the year’s spending; its health and safety indicators (Lost Time Injury Rate  0.062) outperformed the International Oil& Gas procedures  construction benchmark; the training hours/worked hours indicator reached 2.87% (considering employees and suppliers on site) and it carried out more than 33 average hours of training per employee; and implemented a new DE&I policy and a new Tax Strategy.

MAIRE believes in a strong sustainability governance that is integrated with business governance and is based on a growing ESG culture through increased employees’ engagement. The company’s bottom-up approach was the base of our MET Zero Task Force on carbon neutrality, of a Taxonomy Task Force and a of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Working Group. MAIRE has involved 170 internal and external stakeholders in the engagement process to create a new materiality analysis that included in-depth interviews with experts.

For 2023, the company aims to continue to improve its sustainability performance. The new 2023 sustainability key priority goals are aimed to improve:

* Our carbon footprint with the highest efforts towards scope 1&2 carbon neutrality within 2030 with initiatives on offices and sites.

* Our impact as enablers of the energy transition by enlarging the portfolio of solutions for decarbonization, circularity and reduction of environmental impact.

* Our transformative impact towards an HSE-oriented, diverse, multicultural, change-factor human capital through flourishing programs and intensive training

* Our innovation impact through the enlargement of our basket of patents, proprietary technologies, and digital solutions, in cooperation with universities and innovation hub.

* Our economic and social positive impact and shared value on the communities of the geographies through a sustainable supply chain, ICV, CSR and our Foundation's activities.

The impact of our transformative strength by sharing the vision of our sustainability strategy within the Group, in every business, project, Region and supply chain.

“MAIRE’s management is fully committed to sustainability, which is built into our performance targets. We are concentrated on developing a wide portfolio of sustainable technological solutions for our clients, and to reduce the environmental impact of our integrated engineering & construction projects. Digital innovation, programs to help young talent to flourish, and the work of our Foundation in fostering a new culture of humanistic engineering are some of the other ways we demonstrate this commitment”, said Alessandro Bernini, CEO of MAIRE.

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