Syensqo joins CSR Europe for sustainability action

Syensqo joins CSR Europe for sustainability action

The group wants to help shaping an impactful and ambitious European sustainability framework

  • By ICN Bureau | March 07, 2024

Syensqo, a science company committed to delivering sustainable solutions, joins CSR Europe, Europe's largest business network for corporate sustainability and responsibility.

CSR Europe brings together businesses, NGOs, and public institutions to accelerate the sustainable ‘just’ transition and co-build a European strategy for a Sustainable Europe 2030.

Being a member of CSR will enable Syensqo to bring its voice for implementing higher sustainability standards in business in the development of the European Union’s sustainability framework.

“We are proud to join CSR Europe, who was among the driving forces behind the EU’s Green Deal, which Syensqo welcomes. With CSR Europe we must explore new ways to make sustainability workable inside European organizations, in such a way that it will both improve their competitiveness and advance humanity. That transformation is crucial and we, at Syensqo, want to contribute actively,” explains Ilham Kadri, CEO at Syensqo.

“Sustainable business is not just the right thing to do, it is fundamental to everything we do. We use our science base to enable greater sustainability and better growth. Syensqo designs solutions for a better and more equitable life, for our employees and our value chain,” says Titta Rosvall-Puplett, Chief Sustainability Officer at Syensqo.

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