Aemetis forays into hand sanitizer production

Aemetis forays into hand sanitizer production

Company plans to sell its products via Amazon and through retail chains

  • By Pravin Prashant | September 21, 2020
Aemetis, Inc. today announced commencement of contracted production of hand sanitizer under its branded Aemetis Health Products label for sales to government, businesses and academic customers, as well as directly to consumers via the Amazon Marketplace.
“Following through on our plan to address the ongoing demand for sanitizer products and having received FDA label registration and other approvals, we have commenced contracted production of sanitizer products under our Aemetis Health Products subsidiary brand name,” said Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis, Inc. “Aemetis’ 65 million gallon per year alcohol plant in California is the only large-scale producer of hand sanitizer alcohol in the Western U.S., with other alcohol-based sanitizer products requiring thousands of miles of transport to the West Coast from the Midwest or Asia in order to supply West Coast consumers with alcohol sanitizer products.”
“A primary initial sales focus for our branded Aemetis Health Products is California and other Western States, as well as the U.S. government,” added McAfee. “Our products meet FDA requirements, and protect consumers from harmful chemicals often found in imported sanitizer products. Our top priority is providing safe, tested products for consumers, and also providing jobs for American workers.  Consumers should not have to worry about toxic ingredients or mislabeling from foreign producers, and at a time of economic distress for many industries, jobs should not be outsourced to other countries by using taxpayer funds to purchase foreign products instead of high quality, low cost, domestically produced products.”
Aemetis hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol (gel) or 80% alcohol (liquid) as the active ingredient, along with water and glycerin. Some other hand sanitizer products contain as little as 60% alcohol. Aemetis built and operates a large pharma-grade glycerin plant in India that has the capacity to produce the required amount of refined glycerin for approximately 350 million gallons per year of hand sanitizer.  

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