Pearl Polyurethane launches DuraPearl elastomer system

Pearl Polyurethane launches DuraPearl elastomer system

Polyurea is typically up to four times stronger and 98 per cent more flexible than epoxy.

  • By ICN Bureau | April 17, 2023

UAE-based system house, Pearl Polyurethane Systems recently launched its new polyurea-based DuraPearl Elastomer System that are considerably more durable than comparable products currently available on the market. The new DuraPearl product can be customised for extreme climatic conditions across the globe, making it one of the most durable options available on the market.

Polyurea is typically up to four times stronger and 98 per cent more flexible than epoxy. Mostly used by spray coating contractors on waterproofing, joint sealant, truck bed liner, pipeline and floor coating projects, polyurea-based spray solutions also offer the benefit of being up to six times faster to cure compared to epoxy alternatives, meaning improved productivity and faster through-put for spray coating operators.

Commenting on the new product launch, Ilhan Kurt, Head, R&D,  Pearl Polyurethane Systems, commented, “We’re excited by our new DuraPearl product as it increases availability of next generation, polyurea-based coating systems for the international coatings industry. Not only are they more durable, but also quicker curing, meaning applicator teams can handle more projects improving their bottom line and end-customers can accelerate the completion dates of their projects. To meet growing demand - with more applicators making the switch - we have ramped up production at our Dubai-based plant to ensure ample supplies are available for export to clients globally.

“Ongoing technical support is an important aspect of our product roll-out, allowing our DuraPearl product to be fully customised to major client projects,” added Kurt.

“We are encouraging spray coating operators around the world to make the switch to this next generation product as we believe it’s the right option for their clients. As a company, Pearl is committed to raising public awareness of polyurea-based spray coating products, such as DuraPearl, and our experts are currently on roadshows globally to demonstrate its remarkable properties. We are confident polyurea-based spray elastomer systems will become the industry benchmark in the years to come and are proud to help spray coating operators make the switch now, driving innovation and providing more choice in the industry,” concluded Kurt.

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