Roquette appoints Barentz as the distributor for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in US

Roquette appoints Barentz as the distributor for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in US

Barentz will market the entire Roquette pharmaceutical portfolio for customers in the United States.

  • By Pravin Prashant | September 21, 2020
Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a world-leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients, has appointed Barentz as its strategic partner for the distribution of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in the United States.
Barentz and Roquette have been successfully working together for many years in several European countries by developing distribution channels backed by a strong technical expertise. It is part of the high performance distribution network Roquette has implemented to support its position as a world-leading pharmaceutical excipients company. This appointment brings that technical expertise to the United States, where both companies will benefit from a strategic partnership that will enable them to grow in the pharmaceutical market. 
“I’m delighted to say that Barentz will carry the entire Roquette portfolio for our customers,” said Paul Smaltz, Head of the Global Pharmaceuticals Business Unit at Roquette. “As we grow our business and expand through acquisition and innovation, Barentz gives us a partner with a strategic focus on the pharmaceutical market and with a global reach. Likewise, as Barentz invests in the U.S. and expands its footprint in pharmaceutical excipients, it does so with Roquette as a strong partner behind it.”
This strategic partnership in the U.S. is a logical next step in the ongoing, successful relationship between Roquette and Barentz. 
“We are extremely delighted and honored to extend our highly successful partnership with Roquette’s Pharmaceutical Global Business Unit in the USA,’’ said Torsten Pieschnick, EVP/Board member Barentz. “Our Pharmaceutical Division, directed by Anthony Litchfield, Global Vice President pharmaceuticals, is focused on providing leading service and technical support for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical sectors. Uniting forces with Roquette in the USA will certainly aid to successfully launch Barentz into the U.S. market where we will extend our solutions and leading service to this customer base. A dedicated local team, headed by Kelly Blanch, Regional VP Pharma USA, is ready to walk our talk.”

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