CCFI, UPL organise training program on judicious use of agrochemicals for Basmati growers in Panipat

CCFI, UPL organise training program on judicious use of agrochemicals for Basmati growers in Panipat

Optimal and timely use would ensure no rejections in basmati consignments

  • By ICN Bureau | September 04, 2023

Crop Care Federation of a India (CCFI) and UPL Ltd. recently organized a day long training programme for 200 Basmati rice grower in Panipat, Haryana.

The programme included live demonstration on safe spraying techniques wearing PPE kit for Basmati growers by Nirmala Pathrawal, Executive Director, CCFI and Harish Mehta, Senior Advisor, CCFI as well as video films to create awareness among the Basmati farming community.

The programme also featured presentation on paddy pests and diseases by Harinder Bains of UPL with Ebro India, a French conglomerate, engaged in mega Basmati project in procuring Basmati rice from farmers.

The training included knowledge sharing on seed treatment, preparation of nursery, weed control, management of pests and diseases, optimal use of water and post-harvest storage.

Pathrawal explained the importance of crop protection, safe application of agrochemicals and precautions while purchasing from a dealer and timely use of chemicals.

Mehta clarified on the myths about pesticides use, use of recommended pesticides on basmati rice, importance of Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) to ensure there were no rejections in the exported consignments.

It was an interactive session and several doubts were cleared on excessive use of pesticides, safe food for human consumption, issue of residues and stringent control by Ministry of Agriculture on samples drawn etc. The session also highlighted that the companies are ensuring proper quality resulting in exports by Indian manufacturers to over 150 countries and training for safe and judicious use of pesticides, on all crops of economic importance - Basmati being one of them.

It was advised to avoid use of tobacco or smoking while spraying and ensure that adequate quantity of water was used to make the spray solution.

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