Eastman launches Naia Renew for denim

Eastman launches Naia Renew for denim

Naia Renew offers a circular solution at scale to one of fashion’s most sustainability-demanding segments

  • By ICN Bureau | June 06, 2024

Eastman is on a mission to make sustainable fashion more accessible through the availability of Naia Renew at scale, offering versatility for a broad range of fashion segments. Integrating Naia Renew into the denim segment brings Eastman one step closer to its mission of making sustainable style accessible to everyone.

The U.S.-based company is showcasing the potential of Naia Renew alongside several of its global brand partners, which are already using the innovative fibers in denim.

“The added value we provide brands is not only a fashionable but also a sustainable fiber,” said Carolina Sister Cohn, Eastman global marketing leader for textiles. “Naia has a strong and transparent sustainability story that brands can pass on to their customers and denim lovers all over the world, making them more aware of their choices. Third-party certifications play a key role in this scenario because what we promise is verified and proven.”

Denim Première Vision brings designers and manufacturers from around the world together every six months. Exhibitors like the Eastman Naia team share denim innovations and explore trends in the fashion segment to meet consumer needs. 

Naia Renew fiber blends well with natural fibers, other man-made cellulose fibers (MMCFs), synthetic fibers and multiple content yarns. This makes it the perfect ingredient for denim as it produces a sustainable and stylish fabric with an authentic look and feel that denim fans around the world will love.

Additionally, Naia Renew is hypoallergenic and skin friendly for denim that’s soft to the touch (before and after washing1), manages odor and moisture effectively2 and delivers better spreading speed. This makes denim blended with Naia Renew comfortable in any season.

Naia Renew is a cellulosic acetate fiber made from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified recycled content.

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