IDEC launches new RC series PCB relays

IDEC launches new RC series PCB relays

PCB relays are a superior alternative to plug-in relays in many industrial applications, especially those with space constraints.

  • By ICN Bureau | July 28, 2023

IDEC Corporation announces the release of their new RC Series printed circuit board (PCB) relays, with features supporting a wide range of industrial-grade applications. These relays come in several low-profile configurations, provide high-capacity power switching, and perform reliably even in challenging environments. The RC Series replaces and upgrades the proven RJxV Series PCB mount relays.

RC Series relays are designed to mount directly to a PCB using through-holes, and can be wave-, dip-, robotically-, or hand-soldered. Their configuration provides a low-profile height of 16.5mm or less, with high voltage and current ratings in relation to their size and weight. Plug-in relays are often used for these and other types of industrial applications instead of PCB relays, but they require a mounting socket and a much larger space footprint.

Coil voltages are available in a range of 5/12/24/48/110VDC, and contacts are rated at 24VDC and 250VAC. DPDT versions carry 8A contact ratings, while SPDT versions are available as 12A (standard) or 16A (high capacity). The relays are designed to operate from -40 to +85DegC, with a lifetime of 20 million operations (at 18,000 times per hour) unloaded, or at least 100,000 times at rated load. With an impulse withstand voltage of 10,000V, these relays work well in electromagnetically problematic environments. Users in any global area will appreciate the flexibility offered by certification of the RC series with cUL, VDE, CQC, and CE agencies.

The RC Series provides industrial-grade service in the most efficient form factor possible, making them suitable for use in appliance electronics, audio-visual components, medical equipment, OEM machine automation, and many other commercial and industrial applications

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