Jay TechnoChem to launch trading platform CHEMAXE in August

Jay TechnoChem to launch trading platform CHEMAXE in August

CHEMAXE aim to empower traders and set a new standard for the industry

  • By ICN Bureau | June 20, 2024

Jay TechnoChem, a technology startup dedicated to advancing the chemical industry through innovative solutions, has announced the launch of its chemical trading platform CHEMAXE in August 2024. This state-of-the-art platform is set to transform the chemical trading industry by addressing its longstanding inefficiencies and challenges.

In order to integrate cutting-edge technology into chemical trading, Jay TechnoChem develops platforms, applications, and services designed to be the go-to resources for all information related to chemical trading and the broader industry.

CHEMAXE exemplifies their commitment to revolutionizing the chemical trading landscape. Unlike conventional digital platforms, CHEMAXE will offer a comprehensive, live trading experience. It will use advanced algorithms to match buyers and sellers based on specific product requirements, ensuring efficient transactions and real-time price updates.

This platform will address significant challenges faced by the chemical trading industry, which is often fragmented and unorganized. Traditional methods require excessive time for inquiries, negotiations, and networking, which is both stressful and inefficient.

CHEMAXE is designed to enhance trust through transparent pricing and secure transactions, allowing buyers, sellers, and traders to develop better strategies and maximize deal value.

The initial concept for CHEMAXE emerged from the extensive experience of the Co-founder and Director of Jay TechnoChem, Ashok Lakhani, who has spent over 25 years navigating the complexities of the chemical trading industry.

“Throughout my decades in the chemical trading industry, I have seen the market's potential hindered by outdated methods and inefficiencies. CHEMAXE is our answer to these longstanding issues. By providing real-time trading, transparent pricing, and in-depth market information, we aim to empower traders and set a new standard for the industry. Our mission is to transform chemical trading into a seamless and efficient experience for everyone involved,” Lakhani said.

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