Mitsui Chemicals, ARRK supply materials for high-performance concept car

Mitsui Chemicals, ARRK supply materials for high-performance concept car

TAFNEX CF/PP and 3D-printed components developed by the Mitsui Chemicals Group find application in Toyota Fortuner-based car designed by TCD ASIA

  • By ICN Bureau | June 26, 2024

Mitsui Chemicals and subsidiary ARRK Corporation announced that materials developed by the two companies have been employed in a high-performance concept car based on the Toyota Fortuner.

Direct pellet-fed 3D-printed components jointly developed by Mitsui Chemicals and ARRK, and TAFNEX CF/PP – a unidirectional carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene resin sheet developed by Mitsui Chemicals – have found application in the TOYOTA Hyper-F CONCEPT, which has been designed by TCD ASIA Co..

TAFNEX CF/PP and the newly developed direct pellet-fed 3D-printed components will be exhibited at Bangkok Auto Salon 2024, a custom car show taking place in the Thai capital from June 26–30, and at Bangsaen Grand Prix 2024, a car race that will be held on the outskirts of Bangkok from July 3–7.

The TOYOTA Hyper-F CONCEPT is a high-performance concept model with a styling design that incorporates the road handling and aerodynamic performance cultivated in the racing field by TCD ASIA’s motorsport business. The new materials have enabled the company to further reduce the concept car’s weight. In addition, the fitting of four sport seats provides a new mode of enjoyment that users cannot experience in a two-seater vehicle.

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