NOVA Chemicals launches Canadian Centre of Excellence for plastics circularity

NOVA Chemicals launches Canadian Centre of Excellence for plastics circularity

Call for Expression of Interest from Canadian research institutes to focus on mechanical recycling, advanced recycling, and microplastics research

  • By ICN Bureau | March 18, 2024

NOVA Chemicals Corporation announces the launch of its Centre of Excellence for Plastics Circularity a hub for knowledge exchange and technology development for the circular economy of plastics.

The Centre of Excellence will serve as a network of industry innovators and Canadian research institutions who have a shared vision of furthering global efforts in sustainable plastics management.

NOVA Chemicals’ Centre of Excellence aims to further Canadian innovation, meet customer needs, and help achieve global plastics sustainability goals by focusing on R&D collaboration and value chain-integrated solutions.

“We welcome innovators from across Canada and beyond to join us in developing scalable solutions for the world’s most complex plastics challenges,” said Roger Kearns, President and CEO at NOVA Chemicals. “NOVA has an established reputation for working with others to spearhead innovation, and we are excited to continue bridging gaps between leading-edge ideas and commercially viable technologies.”

Rocky Vermani, SVP of Sustainability and Innovation, NOVA Chemicals, “As the world looks to grow the circular economy, we are committed to investing in the technology and infrastructure needed to achieve global ambitions while ensuring Canada remains at the forefront of petrochemical and plastics innovation.”

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