OMI Industries introduces Ecosorb 1300 series at World of Asphalt in Nashville

OMI Industries introduces Ecosorb 1300 series at World of Asphalt in Nashville

New line of products for odor neutralization in asphalt applications mitigates concerns among manufacturers and neighbors

  • By ICN Bureau | March 12, 2024

OMI Industries (OMI), an international odor management company, is adding a new series of products to its industrial asphalt mix. The latest 1300 series provides manufacturers and contractors in the asphalt and paving industry with an improved response to strong odors associated with operations.

Over the last five years, the Ecosorb 1300 series has undergone extensive testing on asphalt cement blends, evolving through rigorous evaluations across North America. Under thorough research and development, OMI identified new asphalt mix odor profile trends and crafted this latest line of products to offer a broader spectrum of odor control in the asphalt and petrochemical industries.

The 1300 series distinguishes itself by incorporating plant oils, effectively addressing hundreds of odor-generating compounds, such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

Simple to apply by directly blending into hot mixes, or distributing in the air via vapor phase systems, these new formulations efficiently neutralize airborne chemical compounds that cause offensive odors, addressing concerns from neighbors and reducing the likelihood of complaints.

As the industrial odor control market has evolved, OMI has developed an entire family of effective, plant based Ecosorb products that maintain a philosophy of environmental and worker friendliness, while avoiding the concept of odor masking. Instead, these innovative products chemically react with odor-causing molecules in the air, neutralizing malodors on contact.

The Ecosorb line of asphalt odor control products are effective for significantly reducing odors associated with the production of paving materials throughout the world, and OMI remains at the forefront of product and delivery system innovation, creating products that respond to the needs of this and other specialty markets.

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