SK On´s cobalt-free battery wins Bronze at 2024 Edison Awards

SK On´s cobalt-free battery wins Bronze at 2024 Edison Awards

Achievement reaffirms SK On´s position as industry leader driving positive change through innovation and sustainability

  • By ICN Bureau | April 22, 2024

SK On, a leading global electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, announced its Cobalt-free battery has won a Bronze award in the Smart Transportation category at the prestigious 2024 Edison Awards on April 18.

The latest honor not only shows SK On´s technological prowess but also underscores the company’s commitment to ethical innovation and sustainable progress in the green energy sector.

SK On´s Cobalt-free battery is considered a breakthrough in EV battery technologies, overcoming technological barriers in cobalt-free cathode material compositions.

Removing cobalt from traditional NCM cathode material compositions can limit a battery´s lifespan due to structural instability. SK On ironed out this challenge of lifespan deterioration by leveraging its proprietary technologies, specifically focused on single-crystal cathodes and doping. Furthermore, the company successfully addressed the energy density issue in cobalt-free batteries by utilizing its unique high-voltage cell design solutions.

The significance of SK On´s Cobalt-free battery extends beyond technological advancement as it also represents a crucial step toward promoting sustainable energy and transportation.

“We are pleased to receive a Bronze award at the prestigious Edison Awards 2024 for our Cobalt-free battery,” said Kim Sang-jin, Head of Platform Research at SK On. “This achievement underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation while prioritizing environmental sustainability. SK On will continue developing battery technologies that foster positive environmental and societal impacts.”

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