Solvay launches low-temperature prepreg for unprecedented fast tooling

Solvay launches low-temperature prepreg for unprecedented fast tooling

Carbon fiber epoxy prepreg sets new standards in cost-efficient composite tooling with fast lay-up, fast initial cure and short post-cure cycles.

  • By ICN Bureau | September 22, 2022

Solvay introduces LTM 350, a next-generation carbon fiber epoxy prepreg tooling material designed to deliver significant time and cost savings for the industrial, aerospace, automotive and race car markets.

The carbon fiber epoxy tooling material offers an industry leading fast, low-temperature cure cycle (3 hrs at 60°C) and can also be cured at temperatures as low as 45°C with an extended post-cure. Tools built from LTM® 350 can be continuously cycled at temperatures up to 150°C delivering highly accurate composite parts.

“Our LTM product portfolio has a track record in delivering high-performance composite structures where lower cure temperatures and short manufacturing times are key,” says Greg Kelly, Head of Product and Asset Management for Solvay Composites. “Building on this expertise, LTM 350 represents yet another innovative epoxy prepreg that demonstrates our continuing commitment to help OEMs, sub-contractors and tool builders in the composites industry achieve ambitious productivity targets.”

As a low-temperature prepreg with user-friendly tack, drape and handling, LTM 350 was designed to enable the shortest possible lay-up times while providing the highest-quality surface finish, setting new standards in cost-efficient composite tooling.

This tooling prepreg has been engineered to support the construction of both small complex and larger composite tools. It is targeted at autoclave applications, but can also be used out-of-autoclave (OOA).

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