DECCO WW appoints Manish Sirohi as CEO

DECCO WW appoints Manish Sirohi as CEO

Sirohi brings to the role extensive leadership in pre-harvest and post-harvest industries

  • By ICN Bureau | May 02, 2024

UPL Ltd. and DECCO WW, part of the UPL Group of companies, responsible for developing and distributing its portfolio of post-harvest solutions, announce the appointment of Manish Sirohi as the Chief Executive Officer of DECCO WW.

Sirohi brings to the role extensive leadership in pre-harvest and post-harvest industries, business operations, sales, marketing, and delivering strategic projects at national, regional, and international levels. Manish joined UPL in 2004 and has held various positions across different markets, most recently serving as Global Commercial Head of DECCO WW. In this role, Manish was instrumental in unleashing new business value and driving double-digit top-line and bottom-line growth in 2023 despite the challenging industry environment.

Jai Shroff, Group CEO and Chairman of UPL said, “Post-harvest solutions are a core part of our business and a crucial component of our sustainable future. These solutions are not just about preserving foods; they’re about sustaining livelihoods, ensuring food security, and minimising waste in an increasingly demanding world with a rapidly growing population. Manish has an impressive 20-year history with UPL, and is the natural choice to lead DECCO WW into its new phase of growth to become the post-harvest global leader.”

Sirohi said, “I am honoured to step into the role of CEO. I’ve had the privilege to grow with the company for many years and I'm excited to lead DECCO WW in its mission to transform post-harvest practices, leverage our expertise to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact across the agricultural landscape."

Sirohi's appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of DECCO WW, part of UPL Group focusing on innovative post-harvest solutions. Manish's profound expertise and leadership in the agriculture sector, 

combined with his significant contributions to DECCO WW as Global Commercial Head, have paved the way for a new era of growth and innovation in post-harvest practices. 

Under Manish's direction, DECCO WW aims to drive forward its mission to ensure food security, minimize waste, and sustain livelihoods on a global scale. His dedication to transforming post-harvest practices promises not only to enhance DECCO WW's market leadership but also to make a substantial impact on the agricultural landscape worldwide.

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