TotalEnergies Corbion showcases Luminy PLA bioplastics at Chinaplas 2024

TotalEnergies Corbion showcases Luminy PLA bioplastics at Chinaplas 2024

Poly lactic acid (PLA) bioplastics are gaining significant traction in China as the country continues to prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship

  • By ICN Bureau | April 23, 2024

TotalEnergies Corbion is presenting Luminy PLA bioplastics in Shanghai at Chinaplas 2024, April 23-26. This is an opportunity to highlight the work in the region, with customers such as Changsu. It will also showcase how easily companies can transition to PLA bioplastics solutions and lower their products’ carbon emissions by up to 75% versus conventional plastic solutions.

"The growing relevance of PLA bioplastics in China reflects a broader shift towards sustainable consumption and production practices," says Hao Ding, Global Marketing Director at TotalEnergies Corbion. "PLA's eco-friendly attributes align with China's sustainability goals, making it a preferred choice for industries and consumers alike.”

PLA bioplastics offer sustainable solutions for reducing environmental impact by replacing many traditional plastics and contributing to a circular economy.

As the relevance of PLA bioplastics continues to grow in China, industry stakeholders are exploring new opportunities to leverage PLA's potential across various applications. From packaging solutions to automotive components, PLA's versatility and sustainability benefits are reshaping the landscape of materials and manufacturing in China.

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