MECS to supply propriety technology and equipment to clients in US and Taiwan

MECS to supply propriety technology and equipment to clients in US and Taiwan

MECS selected for two new projects in the United States and Taiwan, further solidifying foothold in the marketplace

  • By ICN Bureau | February 25, 2023

MECS, a subsidiary of Elessent Clean Technologies (Elessent), is the licensor of choice for the production of high purity sulfur trioxide and oleum that is required for high purity e-grade acid production used in the rapidly growing semiconductor industry. Ninety percent (90%) of e-grade acid plants in the key production countries of Taiwan, Korea, United States, and Japan have selected MECS technology and equipment to ensure the most reliable production of these critical e-grade acid feedstocks.

MECS was recently selected to supply propriety technology and equipment to clients in the U.S. and Taiwan to enable production of high-purity e-grade acid for the global market.

“The semiconductor industry is experiencing growth we have not seen in decades. Because of our robust history in the sulfuric acid industry, using MECS® technologies and equipment to produce high purity e-grade acid feedstocks provides assurances our competitors cannot replicate. We are at a critical point in high purity sulfuric acid production. With high demand around the globe, and the passage of the CHIPS Act in the United States, we are excited to help meet the needs of the expanding global marketplace and to assist the U.S. in being more competitive within that space.” said Eli Ben-Shoshan, CEO, Elessent.

Governments from several countries around the world have implemented incentive programs for e-grade acid production. Tax credits, grants, and research and development investment are some of the ways in which e-grade acid manufacturers are being rewarded for contributing to the supply chain. With established officesspanning the globe, Elessent can assist clients worldwide with the implementation of MECS® technologies and equipment needed to enable e-grade acid production.

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