INEOS expands its P-series glycol ether portfolio

INEOS expands its P-series glycol ether portfolio

The newly launched Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ethers strengthen the commitment to customers in industrial coatings and home care markets.

  • By ICN Bureau | September 22, 2022

INEOS’ new products reduce exposure to challenging market and logistical conditions and reinforces INEOS’ position in the Glycol Ether market.

Rodney Stobbs, Business Director, INEOS Oxide, says: “We are thrilled to have successfully launched our new PnBs. These new products are used in a huge range of essential applications and, with INEOS now producing them in Europe, customers can improve efficiencies and reduce their exposure to tough market and logistical conditions.”

INEOS completed its first sales of brand-new Propylene Glycol n-Butyl Ethers (PnBs) in Antwerp, following a significant investment at its Antwerp site.

PnBs are used extensively in a wide range of sectors due to their outstanding physical properties. The industrial coating and cleaning industries, in particular, are significant users of PnBs, with stakeholders in the wider industrial, automotive, and building sectors all using PnBs.

Customers using its new PnBs should see increased efficiencies and, importantly, lower requirements for solvents, helping to save time and costs in the production of associated products.

INEOS full integration in n-butanol from its Lavera site and propylene oxide from its Köln site is another strength to highlight here. There are only a handful of producers of these new products worldwide, with only two in Europe. As a result, INEOS is underlining its commitment to offering the European and global market best-in-class PnBs that are secure and less exposed to changing and challenging global market conditions.

Stobbs adds: “INEOS is committed to developing cutting-edge products that form many of the foundations of our everyday lives and, through our investments in Europe, we can now offer PnBs from Antwerp that come with a host of technical and logistical upsides.”

“We already have a large portfolio of solvents and we are back-integrating these new PnBs into our own feedstock supplies. As a new producer in North West Europe we are helping to provide increased immunity for the European market against global challenges.”

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